Make your life easy during winter/spring break

Imagine this nightmare scenario: It’s winter break, 90% of your units are empty and there’s a cold front coming through. Temperatures are going to be in the single digits the next few days. Hopefully, everyone left their heat on, but sometimes mistakes happen.

It would take a long time to check every unit, especially with half your staff on vacation for the holiday. Then the unthinkable happens. One of the pipes freezes and bursts in an apartment. The residents left for winter break and turned the heat off at the worst possible time.

All this could be avoided with just a couple steps that you could take anywhere you have an internet connection.

1- Set Temperature limits

Create a profile across all your units that sets the minimum temperature for heat to something reasonable, say 65…

2- Check status to make sure everyone is set to heat, and that all units are functioning properly.

3- Relax, knowing that if anything changes you will get an alert that tells you exactly which unit the problem is in.

By taking these simple steps with TrustHab, you can be in control and prevent damage to your property.

Now you can take that vacation to San Diego or the Florida Keys for New Years without worrying about coming back to a disaster.

By : TrustHab